Awesome Ideas for audiophiles looking to improve their listening experience

We all know how important listening quality is. If things aren’t just right with your setup it can be a very distracting thing to listen to music or watch a video. Several schools of thought exist on what is the best setup. Thankfully with a few tips and tricks you can tweak your speakers to give you the optimal listening experience.

Wireless speakers

Wireless speakers hit the market about ten years ago. The original models were large, bulky, and the sound quality was sub par. Several years of trial and error have produced a totally streamlined and excellent speaker. Today’s models are light, portable, and have superior sound quality. These typically weigh between one and five pounds and vary in size from one to five pounds. The weight of the speakers is almost directly proportionate to the sounds quality of the speakers. These speakers have a long lasting battery life as well with the average play time being twelve hours. Brands like bose and sonos produce excellent speakers. is a great place to start for more ideas on wireless bluetooth speakers.

High quality audio cables

If you are running a large speaker system in your home, office, or car it is imperative you replace the stock standard audio cables that the speakers came with. Factory audio cables function but are typically made with low quality standards. Replacing them with high quality audio cables ensures that no quality is lost between the head unit and the speakers. Brands like monster and bose make excellent cables that will ensure no audio is lost when you are playing your favorite tunes.

Consider investing in a record player

Record players are said to be the purest form of music. The compression into vinyl creates a holistic and organic listening experience that is unique to each individual pressing. If you listen to a lot of acoustic and instrument driven music you can gain a whole new range of depth you didn’t know existed by investing in a good record player. It may even trigger a wave of nostalgia in you.