How to convert video songs to mp3 songs

Mp3 songs require less space as compared to mp4 video songs. People prefer to listen audio songs rather than video songs. They can play this mp3 song in playback. That is why they prefer to convert video songs into mp3 audio songs. Here we discuss how to convert video songs to mp3 audio songs.

Conversion of video into mp3 songs

Video songs can be converted into mp3 naa songs. There are many softwares available for this purpose. You can easily convert your videos in mp3 format by using different convertors. But you need to download those convertors for conversion of video into mp3 format.

Process of conversion

For purpose of conversion, you need to follow a process. Here we discuss this process. This is as follows:

Download mp3 convertor

First step to convert videos to mp3 format, you have to install mp3 convertor. There is a need of required space for mp3 convertor. These convertors are available for PCs, mobile phones and other devices. Video formats like DVD, EMV and other formats can be resized through these convertors. Your video can easily converts into mp3 format. In addition, you can resize your videos into your desired format.

File selection

After installing mp3 convertor, you have to select a file which is to be converted. This file is to be added in that convertor for changing in mp3 format. You can select multiple videos for converting in mp3 mode.

Saving file

After converting file into mp3 format, you can save file. This saved file can be played in mp3 format. Now your desired video can be played as playback file. This is the way of  converting video songs into mp3 format songs.

Purpose of conversion

Converting video songs into mp3 songs format depends on the purpose. Some devices does not support video files of YouTube and other links. These videos can be converted into mp3 format. This is the way to watch such videos on devices which do not support video format. You can listen these files in mp3 format. In addition, you may need to convert file in mp3 mode because of less memory available in your device. Some mobile phones may not have sufficient memory for videos files. If you need to keep multiple files in limited storage then you can convert these files into mp3 mode.


In this article, we have discussed about how to convert video songs into telugu mp3 songs download format. Detailed process of conversion has been discussed. Different convertors require different procedure to convert videos into mp3 format. These convertors may comprise of other features like editing, sharing and filter consisting. You can enhance your videos quality through these apps and browsers. But for your ipod, you need to convert your video songs into mp3 format. You can carry hundreds of songs with you in this way. In addition, some mobile phones cannot play videos format. You have to convert your videos to mp3 format for these devices. You can play and listen your mp3 songs easily in this way.