The Comprehensive Guide to buying flower girl dresses

When you are on the verge of buying flower girl dresses, here’s a guide to help you decide how to buy the right dress for your flower girl. This is a comprehensive guide, which provides you with all the information that you need to know about dresses for flower girls.

It need not be white

The unwritten convention is that the flower girl dress should be white. This is not mandatory. While white and ivory look traditional, you can go for the pastel effect. Pink, blue and other pastel colors make the little girl look good.

Match with the bride or the theme

There are two criteria to select a flower girl dress. One is that it should match the bride’s dress in color and/or style. The second is to match it with the wedding theme. For instance, if the theme is outdoor, then a colorful frock with floral designs would be apt.

Consider the length

While long dresses and gowns would look very good on the flower girl, they present practical difficulties. If your flower girl is slightly older, she should be able to handle it well, else there are many difficulties managing long dresses. You can consider short frocks or ankle length dresses.

Don’t order too early

Yes! We advise you not to order the dress too early. The logic is the little ones are growing fast. You don’t want to buy a dress six months before the wedding, which would have become tight for the flower girl. Consider buying the dress a couple of weeks before the wedding, not earlier than that.

Decide the fabric

You would ideally want a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle. Chiffon should be a good option as it is wrinkle free. Depending on the age of the flower girl, you can consider other options too.

Take her along

Well, little children are generally not consulted as they can be too demanding. But, you can consider taking the flower girl with you when you go shopping the dress. Help her select a dress. It is best if you shortlist a few options and let her make the final decision. It’s a good way for you to bond with the little girl, which would be helpful for the big day.

On the big day

On the wedding day, let the flower girl eat a snack or drink a juice before the wedding so she doesn’t feel hungry. Then get her dressed up a little time before the event starts. You don’t want to allow her to eat and drink stuff and ruin the beautiful dress you selected with so much care. Sit with her and explain the solemnity of the occasion, so she will be well-behaved.

Try it out

Make sure you have a trial of the dress so you know it fits. Even if you buy online, try the dress, so you know it fits well and if required you can return and get it replaced on time.


The guide explains all that you need to know about how to buy a flower girl dress. Do go through the information to help you while purchasing the dress.